No Ghanaian Leader Is Blameless Of Corruption - Bishop

A UK-based Ghanaian Bishop has observed that no Ghanaian leader can be blameless of corruption charges. Bishop Professor Dr Prince Hampel of the Liberty Global Christian Church, UK, said, “Our leaders in the church, government, civil service and all high places are not blameless of bribery,” adding he that is blameless must cast the first stone. “Teachers, drivers, in fact everybody in Ghana, are taking advantage of our economic hardship to milk the fellow citizen dry, and that for me is sheer wickedness,” he said. Bishop Hampel, who was the Chief Consecrator of the Episcopal Consecration Service for the elevation of the General Overseer of Anointing Prayer and Evangelistic Ministry International, Reverend Francis Kwadwo Owusu, told a section of the press that corruption in the church was hindering leaders from pointing out the same offence of other persons in leadership positions. He said: “The one to play the watchdog role does not want to fold up the sleeves for anybody to see what he has under it. How, therefore, does he point out another’s wrong practices and activities?” The UK-based Bishop said miracles and prophecies are told to draw huge monies from Christians, who have come “to love sugar-coated words and have become gullible to every word from their leaders. Like the politician, he said, the church is able to convince members to buy anything at any price and make them believe that the way to eternity is in the stuff they sell to the members at ‘crazy’ prices. Bishop Hampel said: “Every church leader who wants to enrich [sic] themselves ordain themselves as prophets so that they can perform some miracles and wonders to daze their members and the weak Christian. Our country needs to be overhauled of its people because the country stinks of massive corruption in all facets.” He charged Apostle-Prophet Elect Francis Kwadwo Owusu to live an honourable and heavenly life that is worthy of emulation by his members, reminding him of rendering account of his stewardship to his maker when he is called to eternity. Apostle-Prophet Francis Kwadwo Owusu, for his part, told the press that he was going to chart a course of uprightness.