University of Ghana Business School Organizes Business Forum

The University of Ghana Business School (UGBS) has organised a Business Forum in Accra which sought to provide firms the opportunity to showcase their new products and services. Professor Joshua Abor, Vice Dean of UGBS, said the event was also to discuss new and emerging innovations developed, to transform the performance of businesses and lives of customers. He said the forum also sought to bring together brands across industries, and also offered the University the opportunity to engage with the business community. The Forum dubbed: “The Pitch,” formed part of the second UGBS Conference on Business and Development. Prof Abor said plans were advanced to link research findings with development, through policy advocacy, business development, corporate relations, consultancy and executive training. The Vice Dean, therefore, expressed the hope that the event would enable customers to identify varieties of new and innovative products and services. “We envisage that this platform will help strengthen the position of innovations in the minds of target audience,” he added. Mr Tonyi Senayah, Chief Executive Officer of Horseman Shoes, who shared his company’s success story, urged the organizers to invite more youth entrepreneurs in future events. He intimated that the shoe-manufacturing company planned to expand its operations on the African Footwear Market. “We plan to develop a horseman application, which will be downloaded by customers to enable them to make orders,” he added. Mr Senayah, therefore, expressed the hope that Ghanaians would embrace online shopping in future for their demands. Companies that pitched for the first day, included Millward Brown, Citi FM, Horseman Shoes, Japan Motors and Farmerline.