�I Am The Dancehall Ronaldo!� - Kaakie

The news mongers certainly have a new headline to put with Kaakie's restitution on the music scene. She finally breaks the long silence with another whooshing new single "Ronaldo" that would certainly sweep you off our feet. But why would Kaakie go for a song title such as "Ronaldo"? "Hahaha. While I was taking care of other similarly vital engagements people thought I was just a flash in the pan who would not continue with my music career. I've been quiet because I needed a lot more concentration in my umpteenth uni activities. It was all good and I've completed successfully with a degree in Nursing, and I am back in the scene fully to prove that I am the dancehall Ronaldo. While they were busy making so much noise I watched and laughed behind the scenes. I've done over 10 new studio jobs and didn't even know which to drop first. But I finally settled on #Ronaldo. I dribble their thoughts like Cristiano Ronaldo and I am very matchless on the scene with full dominance on the scene. While I was away all their noise about this and that, people comparing me to babies yet those babies with their noise couldn't even go beyond Nsawam. I'm the female dancehall nonpareil in Africa and my fanbase keeps spreading like cancer - I do classic songs that are ageless so I have no time to worry about toddlers. So much love for my music - the numbers keep multiplying from Gabon, Gambia, Zambia, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Cameroun, Nigeria and even Mauritius. I'm very busy, I'm on another level now. They ain't seen anything yet!" Kaakie brags. Kaakie's new single "Ronaldo" is already receiving thousands of downloads even before it hits radio. It is obvious the African Dancehall Queen keeps improving with time anytime she jumps on a new song. Song was produced by JMJ Baby for her record label, Xtra Large Music. Kaakie debuts as the biggest female African dancehall singjay from Ghana when she hit the scene in 2011 with her popular single "Too Much" and follow up hits "Toffee Pon Tongue", "DC Tun Up", "Zuuchia" and others. She has 6 enviable awards to her credit within just 3 years of her professional music career. She is also part of the HighGradeFamily.