Ama & �Pusher� Star In Kwabena Kwabena�s �New Video (Photos)

�After years of toiling with Adjetey Annan popularly known as Pusher in the village, Ghanaian actress Ama K ditched the love of her life for a rich man who came to their farm to buy a cocoa. She followed the money making machine to the city only to find out in days time that his properties belonged to his hardworking wife,� the visual brief sent in by KBKB, reads. �After Ama K left her first love in the village just to follow the well-to-do man, Pusher hits a jackpot and became the richest man in the village who later moved to the city to live a new life. Will Ama K go back to Pusher and apologise and will Pusher accept her back after the rich man threw her out of the house when his wife returned from her journey? All these and many answers will be found in Kwabena Kwabena�s yet-to-be released music video 'Kyere Wo Do'.