VIDEO: The Moment Nyantakyi Raised The Holy Quran And Swore By It

After yesterday’s sittings, news went rife after President for the Ghana Football Association, swore by the Holy Quran when he took his turn at the Presidential Commission of Inquiry into the Brazil 2014 World Cup. The startling twist of the story is that Mr. Nyantakyi is a known to worship with the Trinity Baptist Church at East Legon. Until yesterday, many had believed Mr. Nyantakyi was a Christian; and it didn’t come as a surprise to hear one of the presiding judges further probe him to know if he is indeed a Muslim. The remarks of the judge drew laughter when he asked: “Kwesi I didn’t know you are a Muslim. You are changing the religion, today?” Watch the video below to find out the response Mr. Nyantakyi gave to the above question