Females With Multiple Piercings Blocked From Joining Ghana Army

The hopes of several energetic and passionate females who aim to join the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) and serve the nation have been dashed. A source at the GAF hinted that the high spirited females who wanted to serve in the army were sacked for having multiple ear piercings and body tattoos, which supposedly did not meet the standards of the GAF. Thousands of aspiring soldiers are currently undergoing the selection process to possibly meet the standards of the Ghana Army. One of the females (name withheld), revealed to Globalnewsreel that she was dismissed by the recruiting officers last week Thursday at the El Wak stadium in Accra. According to her, she had gone through all the necessary documentation and body selection process successfully, after which all the candidates were directed to report at the recruitment centre [El Wak]. According to her, when they reported at the centre Thursday morning, she noted her name was not on the list of the candidates selected to sit for the aptitude test. She and about five others were disqualified for the multiple ear piercings they have on both ears. I was very shocked and hurt and wept bitterly when I heard the news, she said. However, she alleged that I saw some of the girls with multiple piercings but they have been allowed and are writing their exams today [Tuesday, 28th October, 2014]. All candidates aspiring to join the Ghana Army are required to write an aptitude test as part of the selection process. She also claimed that other females with stretch marks were also sent home.