Nokia Lumia To Migrate From Windows To Microsoft

In the coming months, Ghanaians and the rest of the world will experience a huge brand transition when Nokia Lumia will move from Windows to Microsoft Lumia Mobile In a media chat with ‎the Head of Communications, Nokia West & Central Africa, Fred Oriunuebho disclosed the transition. According him, this is a very exciting time for the Nokia Lumia products since the changes will better and reflect the apps. He explained that, Lumia global and local websites are going through a changeover and in the coming months the social channels will get a new name too � �they will be called Microsoft Lumia�. He counseled that, �Lumia fans should continue to follow us via social media and always be up to speed with the latest device news,� he said Microsoft was founded with the vision of putting a computer in every home and on every desk. With Lumia phones, Microsoft delivers the power of everyday mobile technology to everyone. Fred assured that, Microsoft remains committed to bringing amazing Lumia experiences with a strong portfolio of phones that offer something for everyone.