Government Must Force Banks To Support Manufacturing

�Government must come out with a strong policy direction to compel all banks operating within the country to support the manufacturing sector with a good working capital to expand their production in order to help address the unemployment situation in the country,� John Appiah Biney, the Chief Executive of J.A. Biney & Co. Ltd has said. According to Mr. Biney, financial institutions in the country are rather interested in supporting what he described as �buying and selling� sector instead of concentrating on the manufacturing industry. In his estimation, it is only the enhancement of the manufacturing sector that could guarantee sustainable growth and ensure the stability of the cedi. �If manufacturing companies are supported more people would be employ and for that matter address the astronomical increases of prices of goods and services,� he stressed. Speaking exclusively to GhanaWeb, the business magnate could not fathom why facilities that could serve as the country�s major industrial hub are being sold to churches instead of revamping them to create more jobs. �Go to North Industrial Area in Accra and see, a lot of companies are collapsing and churches are taking over. Companies that have capacity to employ over 3,000 people collapse and individuals buy them; turn them to �one-man� churches keeping the monies in their pockets,� the frustrated CEO reiterated. The practice, Mr Biney labelled, as astonishing and stressed �I don�t remember anywhere in the Bible where Jesus said companies should collapse and where over 5,000 people find their daily bread, only one pastor should go and buy, turn it to church and keep the money all alone with his wife� . He, however, argued that the country�s economy can only stabilize if the manufacturing sector is vibrant and are constantly producing. �Right from Tema, to Accra to Kasoa, people are busily building stores, for who to produce for them to sell?, this is seriously killing our economy�, he said. Counting on operational challenges of his company and other private manufacturers, J.A Biney cautioned that the country�s teaming joblessness pose a security threat to the nation and it is about time President Mahama turned attention to the manufacturing sector to prevent future uprising. �I am making only one passionate appeal to President Mahama to inject working capital into the manufacturing sector. When industries are in mass production cost of living will come down in this country and there will be lots of jobs for people as well�, he said. J. A Biney & Co. Ltd J. A. Biney & Co Ltd started as a distributorship, dealing in the importation of fragrance for the disinfectant processing companies. The company changed its structure to a limited liability company in December 1998 and redirected its focus to disinfectant processing company. The company services the need of its customers by supplying the highest quality product at the lowest possible price to schools, hospitals and households. It has the capacity to produce more disinfectants and detergents with efficient delivery services. Currently the company holds a 30 percent market share of the disinfectant business in the country, and provides over 100 jobs indirectly. It can boast of eight fast moving products on the market namely: Bine 20 Disinfectants: This is highly perfumed disinfectant formulated very well to kill germs/bacterial on contact and provides a very pleasant scent for longer hours. Bine Power Bleach: Used for washing clothe, it removes dirt faster and also used as a disinfectants with over 6% concentrated chlorine. Bine Liquid Soap: Used for washing Floor, Plates, Cars, and Clothes etc. Bine Liquid Soap is more healthy and removes dirt faster Bine 20 Insecticide: Bine Insecticide kills at a distance, its efficacy is best than imagine. It kills all kinds of Insects from afar and on contact. Xonix Snake Repellant: This product is prepared for snakes and other dangerous reptiles; it drives away snakes and kills them on contact. Bizal Germicide: This is a double strength dilution; it retains satisfactory germicidal activity in hard and soft waters under clean and dirty conditions/washes sinks, Drains, Lavatories, Floors, Walls and Hospital Equipments. Bine Stain Remover: It takes off stains from all surfaces including sinks, Wash Basin, Water Closets, Terrazo Floors, Wall Tiles, and Baths etc. O� Action: Is prepared mainly for pit toilets. Awards and achievements J.A. Biney was adjudged the Best Toiletries Product of the Year at this year�s edition of the Ghana Made Awards held recently in Accra with its �Bine 20 Disinfectant�. The company was also recently nominated and won the Dr. Kwame Nkrumah (Excellence in Enterprise Award) in recognition of its Excellent Performance in Enterprises, organised by the West Africa International Magazine in July 2012.