Adebayor's 'Jujuman' Confesses...Says The Devil Used Him In Doing Mother's Bidding (PHOTO+AUDIO))

There seem to be no closure to the brouhaha surrounding the Adebayor Family. First it was said the Tottenham Hotspur star, Emmanuel Sheyi Adebayor, sacked his mother from the house; then the accusation that he was not taking care of his family. Consequently, Adebayor debunked those claims and accused his family members of �using juju on him� and asked them to stop and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal Saviour. However, the mother and the siblings of Sheyi denied going for Juju. In all of these back and forth arguments, no one heard from the Mallam who was performing the �juju� for the Adebayor Family. On Tuesday, Mallam Suleman Raji, the �jujuman� who has been working for 25 years, came to PEACE FM to confess that Adebayor�s mother came to him for �juju� (charm) to 'protect' her son, Sheyi. Mallam Suleman who is 50 years old says he performs his juju in Togo but has a branch in Nigeria and married with two children. Carrying on with his confessions, he told Kwami Sefa Kayi, host of PEACE FM morning show �Kokrokoo� and 'PEACE Power Sports crew' that Adebayor�s mother �wanted to command Adebayor� she is looking for power to command him� she also asked me to separate Adebayor and his wife� the devil used me in doing that but even after that she did not come to thank me. She made me sin against Allah� she is never satisfied with anything I do for her,� the 50-year old Mallam confessed. He also recalled one instance were the mother brought pictures of two people who were working for the Togolese football star for him (Mallam) to get rid of: �she doesn�t want anyone to come close to him� (Adebayor). Asked why the turn-around, he said after going to Mecca this year, he decided to stop all the wrong doings. �You cannot go to Mecca with sins and so I confessed my sins and decided not to do those bad things again�. Meanwhile, �I have reversed it (all the charms against Sheyi) but it will take sometime before it manifests. You know to destroy somebody is very fast but when you are reversing it, it takes time� I will do what I can,� he added.