Man Rents Out Girlfriend To Save For Iphone6

A student was seen standing outside of Shanghai's Sonjiang University with a sign offering to share his girlfriend for cash to save up for the new iPhone 6. His placard, reading "Girlfriend Sharing", specified that the deal allowed renters and his lady friend to have meals together, study together, play games and go on dates, but no "funny business". He likewise shared posters on social media and happily sent along pictures of his beloved to anyone desiring a closer inspection. �Sharing girlfriend for pocket money�, the sign read. �If you are interested, connect to personal hotspot �wifi sharing master� to check out the girlfriend.� The girlfriend in question was in on the stunt, of course, and agreed to be hired out for 10 yuan per hour or 500 yuan per month. Social media posts suggests that the kid shared his girlfriend�s biography, height, weight and photos with interested parties, and he insisted that she was quite willing to comply.