Nduom’s 2015 Message: Improve The Lot Of Ghanaians

2012 flag-bearer of the Progressive People’s Party, Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom, has underscored the need for the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) government and his fellow politicians to focus and work assiduously to improve the living conditions of workers, the poor, aged and children in 2015. He intimated that it would be prudent for politicians in the country as they welcome the 2015 to focus on developing the country and improving the people’s standard of living instead of looking ahead to the 2016 elections. “…that politicians will focus on developing the country and improving the people’s standard of living in 2015 instead of looking ahead to the 2016 elections,” Dr. Nduom urged. In a statement containing his New Year message for Ghanaians, especially, entrepreneurs and owners of companies, the 2012 flag-bearer of the PPP recounted some of his 2014 wishes which were unfulfilled. Those 2014 wishes, according to Dr. Nduom, were to ensure that those in leadership positions in the country work hard to improve the living conditions of workers, the poor, aged and children, adding that “when people complained about difficulties that confronted them in the country, leaders in government would show them respect and talked to them in a manner that would give them hope for a better tomorrow.” The statement continued that Dr. Nduom wished that President John Dramani Mahama would support the people’s wish for the 1992 Constitution to be amended to allow the people to elect their own District/Municipal/Metropolitan Chief Executives; and also the president would ensure that the 1992 Constitution was amended to separate the Office of Attorney-General from the Ministry of Justice so that an Independent Prosecutor could lead a serious effort in the war against corruption. According to him, he would want to see in 2015 Ghanaians supporting local enterprises to become stronger, more prosperous adding that “government [must] also support them through the judicious use of its purchasing power. Dr. Nduom also used the opportunity to salute Ghanaian entrepreneurs for their “resilient spirit and belief in Ghana attitude” despite the economic challenges the country went through. He, however, expressed optimism that Ghana would witness a “stronger and more prosperous economy in 2105.” He noted that the year 2014 had been an “exceptionally challenging one for business owners and managers” as they had to try and navigate the rough economic times without help from any quarter. And while admitting that the year 2014 had been a difficult one for Ghanaians, Dr. Nduom who owns a chain of companies in Ghana and abroad praised Ghanaian entrepreneurs for standing firm and investing their monies in the rough economic times. “I salute Ghanaian entrepreneurs and managers who have forged ahead and invested their monies right here at home with the hope that a brighter future is ahead of us more prosperous in 2015,” the business magnate asserted. He further expressed gratitude to the Almighty God for His protection and guidance to the country. “I wish to join together with all Ghanaians to give thanks to God Almighty for His grace, guidance and forgiveness. “My prayer for Ghana is for the country to become stronger and its people more prosperous in 2015,” he added. “Through all our challenges, He [God] has kept this country together,” Dr. Nduom underscored. He went on also to bless Ghanaian workers who laboured diligently to support the economy. To this end, he wished all Ghanaians good health, tolerance for each other’s opinions and good life in 2015.