IMANI Boss Struggled To Pass A-Level Exams - Fifi Kwetey:

Minister for Food and Agriculture Fifi Kwetey has scoffed at the academic credentials of the IMANI boss, Franklin Cudjoe, describing him as a man who tries to hide his �limitations� in academic laurels. According to him, it took the head of the policy think tank several attempts to pass �his A-level economics�. �It was quite ironic hearing that this guy was even struggling to pass his A-level economics. He had to take it many times. �While he took three years, three different attempts to get �A� in economics, I took half of that time and below to obtain it.�I got �A� in not just economics but in all my subjects in one year and my record is there in Achimota School,� the former deputy finance minister told Radio Gold in an interview Tuesday. He added that he doesn�t brag about his academic achievements because they are not his priority in life. �The height you attain in life has nothing to do with what you got in school. At the end of the day, it is the passion and the commitment to nation-building that matters and that is what I put my pride on�.