Unto The Movie Industry A Star Is Born: Atobra Clarks

Atobra Clarks is an upcoming actor. Known for the police officer role in Office Palava, Atobra’s taste for fashion gains the comparison with K.K.D the alleged rapist.

Owning a collection shop in Legon, the young actor is working on a clothing line which may be launched in the last quarter of the year.

Starring in movies like VICTIMS, UNCHAINED, LAST PARTY among others, the charming chap was recently spotted on Yvonne Nelson’s set after a spectacular performance at the audition last year.

Well, we are not surprise at YN’s cast because the executive producer nodded with amazement when Clarks pulled off his shirt and acted topless. Indeed, the ladies couldn’t stop screaming upon seeing his six packs.

Atobra Clarks is the new born star GH must watch!