GRA Awards 2014 Retirees

The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has held an Awards ceremony for more than 130 workers, who retired from the Authority in 2014.

          The workers, made up of 61 senior  and 78 junior officers, had served the organization in different capacities, for between 10 and 40 years. They each received plaques and flat screen television sets.

             Mr George Blankson, Commissioner General of GRA, congratulated the retirees for their dedicated contributions to the Commission over the years, saying the body would miss their expertise and guidance.

          He said the job of revenue mobilisation was fraught with risk,  and required restraint and self-control, adding that the officers must count it a blessing to have served for such long periods without trouble.

            Mr Blankson urged those in active service to aspire and work diligently, and resolve to plan for their pensions and retirement.

           He said the Board and Management are prepared to support staff on how to prepare for retirement, by taking advantage of various schemes and programme, to make the days outside the office pleasant ones.

             Mr Blankson asked the retirees to avail themselves of opportunities such as the health support that the GRA provides for them to make their retirement comfortable,  and engage in social activities to keep their minds active.