A Dash Of Strawberry To Sweeten This Valentine

Valentine is a season of love and sharing. It is also a grand excuse to enable ones sweet tooth.

Ghanaian-owned international beverage company Kasapreko Company Limited (KCL) has set up stands at the various malls in Accra for consumers to taste for free, a dash of carnival strawberry to sweeten their Valentine.

Carnival Strawberry which forms part of KCL's drinks portfolio and is a blend of some family recipes, scientifically guaranteed to ensure good health.

Accra, West Hills and Oxford Street malls are the shopping centres to find KCL's elaborate Carnival Strawberry stands. Consumers can simply walk into any of these malls to sample the Carnival Strawberry drink for free.

This free consumer sampling activation is aimed at reinforcing Carnival Strawberry as the beverage of love during the Valentine season.

Marketing Manager of KCL, Mr Gerald Bonsu indicated that drawing from its name, Carnival Strawberry features the indulgent taste of strawberry, and is suitable for trendy people looking for a signature drink. He noted that Carnival Strawberry is affordably priced and easily available to anyone of age looking to celebrate Valentine's.

“Walk into any of the malls in Accra, have a dash of Carnival Strawberry and pick up a bottle or two on your way home. It's great drank on its own or as a mixer in any cocktail of your choosing," he added.

Carnival Strawberry by Kasapreko is available in all supermarkets and bars with a low alcohol percentage. It is only for persons 18 years and older and not for pregnant women. Have a dash of Carnival Strawberrry this Valentine's!