There Are No Plans To Re-locate Kumasi Zoo Manager

The Ashanti Regional Zoo Manager, Mr Stephen Tamanga, has denied any plans to move the Kumasi Zoo to another place, putting to rest speculations and rumors about its relocation.

He said the zoo has been strategically positioned right at the heart of the city for a purpose and would continue to be where it is.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in an interview, he noted that the place was not only meant for relaxation and leisure but equally and importantly, provide a safe haven for rare and endangered animal species.

Additionally, it serves as vital and rich information source, especially to students and researchers.

The Kumasi Zoo is fully stocked with different animal species - duikers, ostriches, hyenas, lions, squirrels, porcupines and many others.

Mr. Tamanga said their only challenge had to do with inadequate funding, something that was making it difficult to efficiently run the place.

He therefore encouraged the people to make regular visits to enable them generate more revenue to manage and maintain the zoo.

He said it would not be out of place for people to also adopt animals there, by donating money to take care of their needs.

Mr. Tamanga said there could be no doubt that aggressive promotion of the zoo by way of eco-tourism, could help to bring in foreign exchange for economic development.