Mayweather/Pacquiao Fight: New WBC Belt Unveiled (PHOTO)

Floyd and Manny are fighting for more green than they thought on May 2nd ... 'cause TMZ Sports has the first look at the WBC belt the two men will be vying for ... and it's as emerald as Oz.

The World Boxing Council didn't just want any old championship belt to be handed out to the winner of this historic bout ... so they decided to commission a special prize for the victor.

Two belts were made ... an "onyx" version and an "emerald" version -- and a fan vote on the WBC website last week determined which belt will be delivered to the winner.

It was a tight contest but emerald took it with 53% of the vote ... although both belts are said to be worth nearly $1 MILLION ... so there was no real loser.

Except of course the guy that gets his face knocked off on the 2nd.

Actually he kinda wins too ($100 million bucks).