Sex For Punishment...Regent Allegedly Defiles Student For Defecating In Bush

Korsi Ahiakpa Adewutor, a former Regent of Ave-Posmornu in the Akatsi North District, has been accused of defiling a 15 year old female student of Ave Senior High School in the bush for defecating there.

    The victim, who was being sponsored in school by the Member of Parliament ’s Common Fund, is now bedridden.

       Togbe Awudi Badagbor III, Chief of Ave-Kpeduhoe, who briefed Ghana News Agency (GNA), said the victim initially reported the incident to him and her uncle.

      Adewutor allegedly spotted the girl attending to nature’s call at the outskirt of the Community on December 17, and blamed her for defecating in the bush against the Community’s by-laws and defiled her as the punishment.

      Togbe Badagbor said Adewutor, however, said his defence that he spotted the victim stealing his pineapple and she requested that he had sex with her as her punishment.

       The victim, in February this year, reportedly told Adewutor that she was pregnant but Adewutor reportedly rejected the claim saying because he defiled her from behind, she could not have become pregnant.

       Togbe Badagbor said while the Police were looking for Adewutor, he fled with the victim to Aflao and aborted the pregnancy.

      The Ave-Dakpa Police confirmed the incident to the GNA and said a report had been sent to the Akatsi Police Command.