BCI & Peace And Love Hospital Goes To Presbyterian University In Akropong

On the 20th of March 2015, Breast Care International (BCI) in conjunction with Peace and Love Hospitals (PLHs) conducted a free breast cancer education program and clinical screening at Presbyterian University College in Akrapong, Eastern Region.

The program, led by the President of Breast Care International and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Peace and Love Hospitals, Dr. (Mrs.) Beatrice Wiafe Addai was initiated by the university’s Dean of Development Studies, Dr. Edward Debrah Wiafe. It was also attended by delegates from Direct Relief, Mr. Thomas D. Roane from USA and Malena Tangu FROM South Africa.

As BCI is a leading organization in the field of breast cancer advocacy and awareness in Ghana, the program was organized with the intention of disseminating accurate and effective information about breast diseases such as breast cancer and screening for abnormalities that may indicate the presence of the disease. Currently, breast cancer in Ghana is the leading cause of deaths amongst women, accounting for the majority of hospital admissions across the country. It is for these reasons that both BCI and PLH connect with schools and communities across the country to educate and screen women for breast abnormalities.

The morning began with the educational component of the day, which included a lecture from Dr. Wiafe Addai on the signs, symptoms, risk factors, methods of investigation and finally, the available treatment options. Those in attendance were shown how to properly perform Breast Self-Examination’s (BSE) with the help of 480 donated Breast Sense Kits worth 20GHC each. The importance of self-examination, Dr. Wiafe Addai stressed, is that it facilitates early detection. As breast cancer’s ability to be treated and ultimately cured, is completely dependent on the time, a delay in diagnosis and subsequent treatment can have catastrophic results for a woman and her family.

The program was participated by the students of Presbyterian University, Presbyterian Senior High School, Okuapem Senior High School, Akropong School for the blind, Christ Skills Development Center and some women from the Akropong township.

Different kinds of leaflet about breast cancer were distributed to the participants. The para-medical team clinically screened all the participants for any breast related health problem, particularly breast cancer. Some suspected cases were referred for further investigations.