Al-shabbab’s Attack ‘Insane ‘And ‘Cowardly’- Nana Addo

The 2016 Presidential Candidate for the New Patriotic Party has expressed his reservations at the murder of about 148 students of the Garissa University in Kenya.

Gunmen attacked the school last Thursday around 5.30 pm.

The NPP Leader, in a press statement described the attack as cowardly, insane and unjustifiable under the principles of Islam and law.
“I wish to condemn unreservedly, this insane and cowardly act by Al-Shabbab. All true Muslims agree that Al-Shabbab’s actions and agenda cannot be justified under the principles and laws of Islam,” Nana Addo said 

“No religion sanctions the killing of innocent people, especially women and children.”

He called for assurance for Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta in deed, saying “President Uhuru Kenyatta needs to be assured with deeds, not just words, that the world stands with Kenya and stands ready to support him in the necessary fight against such evil. ”

“The citizens of Kenya deserve to go about their daily lawful activities without being terrorised by a group of cowardly people who bastardise a peaceful religion of great good.”

He also challenged the world to  “stand up together against all the atrocities that go on around the world”

Meanwhile five persons have been arrested over the attacks on the Garissa University College in Kenya.

According to the BBC, Some of the suspects were arrested while trying to flee to neighbouring Somalia.