YFM Presenter, Ada, The 'Arrested Teenager' At Krobo Girls

The horrifying scandal involving the YFM presenter has triggered a debate about the country's defective educational system and its spectacular failure to deal with students with special needs.

It has emerged that Naana Appiah Antwi popularly called the "arrested teenager" back in secondary school, was sacked in 2006-07 from the Krobo Girls Secondary School for misconduct.

She was a girl of many names back then. 'Persis', and the 'Arrested Teenager' were the most popular ones.

Myjoyonline.com's checks and interactions with some old school mates of Naana Appiah indicate she exhibited weird behaviour during her secondary school days and sometimes her actions were dramatic.

She was thirsty and hungry for stardom and was ready to do anything- fair or foul.

Well, she got famous this week and became the subject of national discussion on radio, TV, online and social media.

She was reported to have gone missing for five days and when heart-wrenching naked pictures of herself popped up on social media with five young men appearing to sexually abuse her in the images, the whole nation was gripped with fear and horror.

But the whole story changed in a matter of days. Ada, as she is now known on radio as host of 'Y Lounge' appeared to have tricked the whole nation into believing she was a victim of crude, heartless, lost young men when it looked like she was auditioning for a role in the next movie.

Opinions have trickled in thick and fast. The feeling of anguish and horror have given way to disdain and nonchalance.

The woman at the centre of the scandal is now locked up at the Police Hospital in Accra for treatment and maybe later for prosecution depending on what information the police may lay fingers on.

But even before the police would come out with their verdict on the way forward, friends and associates believe the school system failed to reform the popular Western Region radio presenter.

This is one of the facebook posts of Laurinda, an old school mate of Ada.

"Ok, after dealing with all the emotions and everything, let us take a critical look at this issue. I know for sure blaming someone won't solve this issue. But i blame the Ghana Education system. When Naana was in my school in first year she did a number of things that by all standards were wrong. These things were ordinary insults or just stealing. They were pretty wierd things. This should have caught the attention of the authorities. But like every other educational institution in Ghana they sacked her from school. The root cause of her action were not scrutinised and here we have it staring us in the face."

But Laurinda's assertion was quickly parried by another mate known on facebook as Sal'

"Trust me that girl only wants to be a star. As a matter of fact, we all went through that same training. Why aren't we behaving like Persis? I feel for her mom but she is something else. Let's not blame Ms Ndo and co. They did their best. What's makes you think Persis is even thinking of a change. Who knows how her new script is even going to be like?"

So Myjoyonline.com asks, is our Educational system to blame for this tragic national hoax?