‘Ghanaians Should Do Away With Indiscipline’

Ghanaians should do away with general indiscipline, improper sanitation and waste disposal practices in order to enjoy the blessing nature has in store for their development.

A lay preacher of the Calvary Methodist Church, Tema, Brother Charles Amoah-Wilson, stated that indiscipline in society had reached a point when even the blessings of God, such as rains which could go to support agriculture and other activities, had become a problem for Ghanaians, both as individuals and as a nation.

“Worse still, a section of the citizenry even pray against such blessings from their Maker, as they either live in flood-prone areas or have no place of abode,” he stated.

“This, unfortunately, is preventing us from seeing and appreciating the glory and blessings of God,” he added, describing the situation as “regrettable, shameful and unfortunate”.

Preaching the sermon at the Calvary Methodist Church at Community Three, Tema, Brother Amoah-Wilson said uncontrolled human activities, especially in the cities and urban centres, had gone on unchecked, to the extent that the least rainfall causes serious havoc. 

He cited the irresponsible and highly reprehensible habit of dumping refuse and the indiscriminate disposal of faecal matter in open drains in some areas in the cities, especially Accra, and called on churches and civil society organisations to launch a relentless campaign against those retrogressive and destructive activities. 

For some time now, anytime there is a downpour in Accra, many areas easily get flooded because of choked drains. 

This has been attributed to the general indiscipline among residents of the cities and urban centres who indiscriminately dispose of refuse in gutters, especially during rainfall, with careless abandon.

Brother Amoah-Wilson, who is also the Deputy Director of Human Resource at the National Communications Authority (NCA), expressed regret at the indiscipline that had crept into Ghanaians, such that “we are no longer each other’s keeper”, adding: “This cannot be tolerated in a Christian society like Ghana.”

Preaching on the theme: “Experience the glory of God in your life”, he charged the congregation to reflect soberly on happenings in the country and pray for God’s grace, intervention and compassion on the nation.    

He made a passionate appeal to all Ghanaians, especially Christians, to pray for and support the authorities at the national, regional, metropolitan, municipal, district and local levels in the enforcement of rules and regulations that governed us as a nation.