"Pray For President Mahama"

An aide to President John Dramani Mahama has called on Muslims across the country to use the Holy month of Ramadan to support the president with prayers to find a lasting solution to the current energy crisis facing the country.

According to Alhaji Babalami Abu Sadat, Imams, Muslim clerics, and Mallams must endeavor to lead their congregants into prayers to ask for Allah's mercy on Ghana and to “give us lasting solution to the energy crisis.”

“As we fast during this Ramadan, we must make the issue of the energy crisis a priority in all our prayer sessions because solution to the energy crisis would boost the economy of the country and help to improve the lots of Ghanaians including Muslims,” he stated in a press statement he issued yesterday.

Acknowledging measures being rolled out so far by the President to tackled the frustrating problem permanently, Alhaji Babalami noted that the effort of President Mahama will only succeed if he is backed with prayers, saying “this is the time for Muslims to pray for President Mahama and to pray to Allah to guide our leaders to find lasting solutions to the problems of this country.”

While wishing his fellow Muslims well in the upcoming fasting, and urging them to make the energy crisis a major priority during the fasting month, the onetime NDC MP for Awutu Senya said, energy is the only ingredient needed to develop a resilient economy.

He said people who think finding permanent solution to the power crisis has gone beyond prayers must begin to revise their notes since prayer for the nation “is key and central to all that we do in order to ensure peace, unity, development and progress.”

Alhaji Babalami also tasked Muslims to use the month of fasting to strengthen peaceful co-existence between Muslims and Christians in the country, saying “we know there are Christians who share in the beliefs of Ramadan and actually perform the act with us, so we want to maintain this peace for the rapid development of the country.”

“We have to pray for peace to continue to reign in the country so that this country will not become like other countries that are experiencing conflicts,” he advised.

According to him Muslims and Christians alike cannot have the chance to worship in a country at war, adding that the only way Muslims and Christians as well as other religious sect in the country can continue to worship God in peace is for them to repeatedly pray for peace to reign in the country.

While urging Ghanaians to respect each other’s religious believe and live in peace and harmony, Alhaji Babalami said, it was important for Muslims to remember the managers of the economy in prayers.

Ramadan is a period of fasting where Muslims are required to abstain from food and water from sunrise to sunset. It is a spiritual exercise that helps Muslims to get rid of undesirable habits while imbibing their fortitude and patience.

The month-long fast also enables Muslims to empathize with the less fortunate members in society who suffer from hunger due to poverty and keep Satan and his promptings away.

They are also expected to be kind, generous, and also exhibit tolerance and promote peace among Muslims and between Muslims and adherents of other religious faiths.