Donít Settle Domestic Violence At Traditional Councils

The district Police Commander of Abura Asebu Kwamankese (AAK) in the Central Region, Superintendent Albert Adiija has appealed to the traditional rulers to desist from settling domestic violence in their traditional councils, but rather hand over the domestic related cases to the police to investigate.

According to the District Commander, every kind of domestic abuse is criminal under the laws of Ghana and expressed shock at situations where some of the cases are settled at the chief’s palace or home.

Superintendent Adiija made this appeal at the annual meeting of West Africa Securities Agencies at Abura Dunkwa which was attended by the traditional rulers, clergy, police service and stakeholders among others.

He said it is illegal to spare the perpetrators by failing to report to the appropriate authorities and encouraged the general public to encourage victims to report cases of such nature to the Police.

Superintendent Adiija hinted that his outfit had already embarked on an outreach programme to sensitize the residents in the district on the dangers of domestic violence and the need to report to the police to ensure peace and order in the country.  

Superintendent Adiija again appealed to the clergy, traditional rulers, stakeholders and opinion leaders to as matter of urgency form neighborhood committees to compliment the efforts of the law enforcement agencies to combat crime because it is not only the responsibility of policemen to combat crime.

According to the commander, crime in the district has reduced drastically as the area recorded 360 cases in the first quarter of 2014 and 167 in 2015 and thanked the traditional rulers and stakeholders for their contribution to the reduction of crime in the AAK district.

Superintendent Adiija added that his outfit recorded two murder cases and the victims have been arrested and put in prison custody and urged the residents of AAK to feel free and give information to prevent crime in the area. 

He observed that police can succeed in the fight against crime with the support and cooperation of the general public and called on the public to give the relevant, reliable, complete and timely information to help the police clamp down on criminal activities in the country.