Trader Grabbed For Assaulting Police Officers

A 39-year-old woman is in the grips of the Accra Central Police Command for Offensive Conduct and Assault.

The transgressor, Fati Mohammed, a trader, is alleged to have verbally assaulted a uniformed police officer at about 8am yesterday.

Briefing the press about the arrest, the Accra Central Police Crime Officer, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Kwame Owusu Sekyere, stated that the victim in the case (name withheld) narrated to him that Fati has been verbally assaulting police officers for some time now.

Giving the reasons for her behaviour, the crime officer told the press that two years ago during an operation to clear hawkers off the street, Fati’s goods were seized, along with those of other traders, for some few hours.

However, when the goods were given back to the traders, Fati refused to go for her goods, and since then she misbehaves anytime she sees a police officer.

According to DSP Owusu Sekyere, Fati had been exhibiting that behaviour for some time, but officers ignored her until yesterday when she was arrested.

She is being processed for court for offensive conduct and assault of a police officer.