Man Quits Banking Job to become a ball boy for the Black Stars

A man in his mid twenties has quit his banking job to embark on a quest to become a professional ball boy for the Black Stars.

The man admitted that his decision to become a ball boy for the senior national team was solely motivated by the huge financial rewards the job offers. “It’s not often you get a high paying hassle-free job, so when I heard the ball boy for the national team earned a gargantuan $100,000 at the World Cup, I didn’t think twice about quitting my job to concentrate on becoming the next Black Stars’ ball boy.”

The role of ball boy for the Black Stars has been confirmed as one of the highest paying jobs in the country after the Dzamefe Commission reported that a certain Ismail Hamidu was paid $100,000 for catching a few stray footballs over a period of less than 3 weeks.

In a related development, career advice officers across several universities in the country have reported a sharp rise in the number of students wishing to take up careers as professional ball boys.