Constructing Roads Is ‘No Achievement’ – Okyenhene To Govt

The Okyenhene Osagyefo Amoatia Ofori Panin has said government should not be flaunting road construction as an achievement because it is part of its basic responsibilities.

Government has started undertaking a number of road construction projects across the country.

Some government communicators have also boasted about the roads, saying this could lead Ghanaians to retain the government in power. However Osagyefo Amoatia Ofori Panin believes government has not done anyone a favour by constructing those roads. 

“You have not done anyone a favour by constructing roads. As a government, your duty is to construct roads. It is part of government’s duty to build infrastructure and offer the citizenry better living standards,” he noted.

He further stated that successive governments have in some instances failed to construct these roads, adding that they actually depend on chiefs in the various regions to undertake those projects.

“When government refuses to construct these roads and others subsequently decide to do it the only thing government says is ‘thank you.” The Okyenhene claimed that about 85 percent of the youth in Ghana are unemployed, thus are unable to pay their taxes.

He was however to quick to remind the youth not to be tempted to “take the laws into their own hands” because of the current situation.

Okyenhene also called on past and present governments to be genuinely concerned about the plight of Ghanaians and refrain from politicising everything.

“Let us help everybody because President Mahama is doing the work for Ghana. He is not doing it for NDC or NPP. It looks like everything in this country is NPP and NDC. Whatever developmental project any political leader undertakes is for Ghana not for NDC, NPP or any other political party.”