Drivers Should Not Abandon Passengers Mid-Way

Drivers have been called upon not to abandon troublesome or controversial passengers on their vehicles mid-way, because it was against traffic regulations.

Whatsoever the level of the provocation by such passengers, they should not be dropped on the way, but at any police check point, to ensure their safety.

Mr Teddy Opuku, a facilitator of the Road Safety and Transport Consultancies Limited in Accra said these at a day’s orientation meeting with over 200 drivers in the Gomoa West district at Apam in the Central Region.

It formed part of a nation-wide training programme by his outfit for drivers on Safety and Customer Service.
He advised the drivers to desist from texting messages and making phone calls whilst driving at the same time.
Mr Opuku said if it became necessary to make mobile phone calls, drivers should park their vehicles and do so with the permission of the passengers.

He urged drivers to avoid argument and conversation with passengers and also desist from over-speeding and overloading, since they could cause accidents.

Mr Mark Arthur, also a facilitator at the same company, said highway robbers were on the increase recently, because people travelled with huge sums of money.

He appealed to drivers not to stop to pick passengers, especially during the night.
Mr Arthur also urged drivers to avoid stopping to assist other road users, or stopping immediately they detected punctures at night.
He said these days the armed robbers had adopted sophisticated methods and tricks to outwit people, especially drivers on the highways, to rob their passengers.

The chief of Apam, Nana Edu Effrim the tenth, who chaired the function, appealed to drivers to be careful on the road in order to avoid accidents.