God Would Lift Up New Citizens For Ghana - Rev. Agbozo

The Reverend Professor Immanuel Amanor Agbozo, the leader of the Ghana Evangelical Society, has said God was on course to bringing new citizens dubbed, “The New Ghanaian” for the country.

“They are people born anew, and nurtured in the love and light, grace and truth, righteousness and humility in the divine nature inherent in Jesus Christ, the Holy Scriptures and the knowledge of God,” he said

Rev. Agbozo was speaking at an event themed, “Let Us Work Together to Heal the Land,” which was organised for media personnel to assist with the “healing of the nation” in all sectors of the economy, including national affairs.

He said the new Ghanaian would turn away from the idolatry, traditional and dark culture of Africa, and the corrupt, evil ways of men.

He stated that the corruptibility of man made him think he did not need any higher power thereby making them play God without thinking about the consequence.

Due to this there is lack of progress in Africa, he stated.

He said God wanted to restore the nation’s original Christian foundation, which would in turn provide spiritual and divine order in human affairs to make the country a model for Africa and the world.

“The restoration of Ghana is going to be a divine restoration of glory on earth, preparing the way for the second coming,” he stated.

Rev. Prof. Agbozo said the leaders of the nation since time immemorial had failed to bring the peace and the prosperity to which the independence was attained for due to this God would in his own time appoint a new person to lead.

He said God had taken note of the nation’s heed unto his call for confession and repentance of corruption, evil ways, and the wickedness in the land prompted by the craze for power due to the love and worship of money.

He said the maker would heal the land from the spiritual and cultural malady that has spread nation-wide because of and through the worship of money.

He called on the church, educational, professional and cultural institutions to launch house cleaning exercise for love in pursuit of equity and justice.

“The craze after comfort and pleasure, property, treasure and wealth has mounted into a golden calf and image being given in honour and worshipped everywhere in the nation” he said.

The GES leader stated that “the Lord mentioned flood and fire upon the nation before and prior to his call for confession and repentance of corruption, evil ways and wickedness in the land” he noted.

He said the waters that would flood the land would also serve as a process of healing and restoration of the land which would bring forth great harvest and economic resurgence for the nation as the end result.

He said the flood and fire is not yet over since the land needs to be purged of all its filth noting that judgement would lead to righteousness through repentance.