NDC Ashiaman Macho Men Pledge Allegiance To NPP

Some National Democratic Congress (NDC) youth and macho men in Ashaiman have crossed carpet to the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) citing the ruling government’s failure to attend to their needs.

The youth claim the NDC promised them jobs among other goodies during the campaign period ahead of the 2012 elections but these promises have not been fulfilled.

The leader of the group calling itself, “the Deciders”, Ishmael Haruna made this known at a press conference in Ashaiman on Thursday.

Mr. Haruna noted that the NDC since 1992 have been engaging the services of some macho men and the youth in Ashiaman to work for the party during the electioneering period and the voting day with the assurance of securing them jobs after the elections.

According to him, everyone joins a political party for benefits saying, “the youth have worked for the party for over 16 years. We brought this party to power in 2008 and in 2012 and we are willing to keep them in power in 2016. Everybody joins a political party to benefit and not just to work for the party for working sake.”

He argued that after working for 16 years, “nothing better has been given to the youth so now, we want to clear our support to work hard for Nana Akufo-Addo for 2016.”

Haruna narrated that about a week ago, some youth leaders visited the headoffice to remind them of the numerous promises that had been made to them but he claimed that the Communication Director of the party, Solomon Nkansah, told them that “John Mahama and the NDC has no job to offer to the youth so we should forget about the job issue for now.”

Again, when they complained about the nature of roads in Ashiaman, Mr. Nkansah asked them whether John Kufuor’s government fixed the roads for them.

“I am asking Solomon Nkansah today, is the seat for Ashiaman NPP or NDC? Did the people of Ashiaman vote for NPP to come to power? He asked.