EC Told Us "Go To Hell"...'Fraudulentí Talensi Election Was Sold To Highest Bidder - Bernard Mornah

If the Electoral Commission of Ghana had staged a free and fair by election in Talensi, the People’s National Convention believes they would have easily swept the vacant seat.

National Executives of the party led by General Secretary and ASPIRING National Chairman Bernard Mornah, have established their displeasure at the way the EC managed to short change the will of voters in Talensi by screwing things up to ensure the highest bidder in the election carried the day.

The National Democratic Congress represented by Benson Tongo Baba, a retired Deputy Director General of the Ghana Prisons Service and former chairman of the Ghana Olympic Committee won the election with 10,366 votes.

The NPP's candidate was neck-to-neck with the PNC's Wombeoto Namailteng, who garnered 6,836 representing 27.90% of the total votes cast followed by the PPP which had 214 votes representing 0.87%. The GFP polled 58 votes, NVP had 93, UPP managed 49 while the IPP polled a paltry 38.

But shortly after the EC made the above announcement, an angry Bernard Mornah told United Television (UTV) that “the will of the people of Talensi has been short-changed. We (PNC) informed the Electoral Commission that this particular by-election had been bought”.

For this reason the PNC refused to append their signatures to the EC's official papers to attest to the fact that they were satisfied with the results declared.

When a question was posed to Mr. Mornah concerning the PNC’s refusal to sign the paper from the EC, he fired a quick riposte; “we have protested and the Electoral Commission didn’t listen; therefore we would not sign a fraudulent paper”.

According to Mr. Mornah, the EC compromised its position and that reflected in the hostile posture they demonstrated to other political parties especially the PNC during and after the voting process.  

Even when they (PNC members) had a genuine concern to share with the Electoral Commission, they were told to go to hell. Yes, we will go to hell!” a clearly unenthused Mornah fumed.