“…This Is A Grand Scheme…I Am Not A Thief” - Yamoah Ponkoh

A former Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for Ejisu/Juaben in the Ashanti Region, Kwaku Afrifa Yamoah Ponkoh has debunked claims that he had stolen NADMO goods which were supposed to be distributed to people who had been hit by disasters in his area.

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) chairman for Ejisu constituency, Eugene Agyarko had accused the former MCE of being a thief. According to him, “Yamoah Ponkoh is a thief; he is just like Ataa Ayi. It is an open secret in the municipality that Yamoah Ponko is a thief…”

However, speaking in an interview on OKAY FM, Yamoah Ponkoh denied the accusation, indicating that it is a grand scheme to tarnish his image and destroy his chances of President John Mahama giving him another position.

“I don’t condone things like that and so how can I even engage in stealing. It is just political….people are doing everything possible to block my chances…everybody knows the way I am…People are scheming and people are sponsoring others to do some of these things and so why should I pay attention to things like this…this is what you do and you end up in court….” He said.

However, Eugene Agyarko, insists he is a thief.

Speaking on the same platform, he said the items are currently at Yamoah Ponkoh’s home instead of giving it out to NADMO coordinators to distribute.

Yamoah Ponkoh’s Dismissal

A letter dated July 8, 2015 and signed by the Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Collins Dauda, indicating to Yamoah Ponkoh that his tenure of office expired on July 5, 2015 went viral a few days ago.

This angered the former MCE who insisted that he has not been sacked or relieved of his position.

Speaking to the issue, Eugene Agyarko expressed satisfaction in the fact that Yamoah Ponkoh has been dismissed.
According to him if President Mahama reappoints him again, “I will advise myself…there are so many ways of killing a cat. I am the Chairman of the Ejisu constituency and so if the President does not listen to us and appoints him again, we will advise ourselves”