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The fact that Ghanaian doctors are greedy and selfish is beyond doubt. But I never imagined that they could take their gluttonous self-indulgence to such lows by their demands on government contained in the new condition of service.

Check this out:

Doctors receive among others, the following:

*On-call-duty facilitation: 10% of basic salary

*Accommodation (in lieu): 20% of basic salary

*Fuel (House Officer- SMO): 20gallons per month

*Fuel (PMO - Specialist): 30gallons per month

* Fuel (Sen Specialist- Consultant): 30gallons per month

The GMA is now demanding the following:

*On-call-duty facilitation: 20% of basic salary

*Accommodation (in lieu): 40% of basic salary

*Fuel (House Officer- SMO): 80gallons per month

*Fuel (PMO - Specialist): 90gallons per month

*Fuel (Sen Specialist- Consultant): 100gallons per month

*Clothing allowance: 30% of basic salary.

In addition to the above, the GMA is also demanding that the following be instituted, all in addition to their basic monthly salaries.

1. Utility allowance: 20% of basic salary/ month

2. Special Risk Allow: 25% of basic salary/ month

3. Professional Allow: 50% of basic salary/ month

4. Vehicle Maintenance: 20% of basic salary/ month

5. Clothing allowance: 30% of of basic salary

6. Overtime allowance: Should be increased from 40hrs/ week
to 200hrs/ week.

Minimum 1.5 times of daily salary: Mon to Fri

Minimum 2 times of daily salary: Sat, Sun & Nights

6. Waiver on importation of vehicles

7. Fully paid Postgraduate medical education

8. Fully paid Continuous Professional Dev't sanctioned by the medical & Dental Council

9. Malpractice Insurance Cover for all doctors and dentists

10. Lump sum long service award: Last gross salary x 180
months (15years of service).

Now tell me:

How many gallons of fuel do judges, teachers, senior public servants take? Assuming that doctors must take more than all other workers, what should be the ceiling? Will a jump from 20 to 80gallons be considered realistic?

How many Doctors do we have in Ghana? Do the multiplication.

Is this sustainable?

Isn't it obvious these doctors are too greedy?

The tax payer cannot continue subsidizing their education and expect such unbridled treachery from them.

Their willingness to allow Citizens who literally finance their entire professional career to die as a result of their irresponsibility is an exhibition of ungratefulness to the state. Every well meaning Ghanaian must condemn their action and reject any attempt to hold the country to ransom.

Enough said!
— feeling angry with Larry Gbevlo-Lartey and 5 others.