Margins Group is ready to meet Ghanaian Banks card needs

The Margins Group, a full service ID and Biometric Systems and Solutions provider, says it is ready to meet the intelligent cards needs of the Ghanaian banking industry. Mr Moses Baiden, Group CEO said the group�s multi-purpose facility ICPS has been built for Global and International Certification such as Europay-Mastercard-Visa (EMV), ISO and SAS certification. �We have the expertise to provide end to end card services to the banks at competitive prices,� he said at a banking forum held by the company and Gemalto, to educate the banks about the services. Mr Baiden, who was speaking at a banking forum in Accra at the weekend said, with the Margins Group extensive knowledge in card printing, card security and authentication on all levels, the banks now have a good opportunity for the banks to print their cards locally at a competitive price instead of doing so abroad. �We will deliver to you quality cards at a lesser cost than you currently get abroad and this could give you savings of between 50 and 70 per cent,� he said. On the security of the cards, Mr Baiden said from the vast practical experience gained from association with global brands in security printing, document preservation and presentation, identification and security systems, there was no need to fear about data integrity. �We have very good systems in place to ensure data integrity and high level of security for the cards,� Mr Baiden said. He said the company could design and deliver cards, depending on the needs of the individual banks. Mr Baiden assured the banks that the necessary systems are in place as the company was working to become EMV certified by the close of the year. He said the company has in place the facility, the security system and the personnel to deliver and meet the stringent requirements of the banks. Mr Marcel Eyoum, who is in charge of Banking Business at Gemalto, said the partnership with Margins Group allows Gemalto to provide the necessary support to enable them meet clients� needs.