Sack GJA President � Ashanti Region GJA President

The Ashanti Regional President of the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA), Listowell Yesu Burkerson wants the National President of the association, Affail Monney impeached, for his comments on the fatal accident involving the presidential press corps.

Listowell Yesu Burkerson said the GJA President has failed to protect the interest of journalists in the country and is therefore not worthy of leading the media fraternity.

Affail Monney has come under fire for his recent comments on the incident that led to the death of the Ghanaian Times reporter Samuel Nuamah.

Affail Monney said that the driver cannot be blamed for the incident since he observed road regulations.

However speaking to Citi News, Listowell Yesu Burkerson said Affail Mooney comments betray the trust reposed in him by reporters hence his call for him to be sacked.

“The GJA President was not a victim of the accident. The Chief of Staff was not a victim of the accident. Survivors of the accident account to us what happens only for the GJA President to say that he has gone into a meeting with the Chief of Staff and that after listening to the Chief of Staff he rather chooses to believe and trust the position of the Chief of Staff instead of listening and trusting the position of colleague journalists who were involved in an accident.”

According to him, Affail Monney’s statement is sheer betrayal of the GJA.

“In any case who did he go into that meeting with? I am not too sure if he can recount whether or not after the incident, the GJA issued an official statement condemning and trying to empathise with the victim. I have not seen one but if you have seen one we can talk about it. It is important to keep the bull by the horn. It is important for us to begin to understand that we cannot be hypocritical in this job of ours. I am saddened by the position and comments of the President of GJA,” he complained.

Meanwhile the outcome of the meeting between the Chief of Staff and Affail Monney, which was suggestive that, there was no wrongdoing in the accident involving the Presidential Press Corps has been dismissed by the NRSC.

Reports indicate that the tyres of the vehicle that was involved in the accident were terribly damaged.