Ghanaians Risk Mass Deportation From UK

The fear of coming home with nothing after years of toil is dawning on many Ghanaians who are yet to acquire citizenship in the United Kingdom.

According to information gathered by Adom News, many illegal migrants including Ghanaians risk deportation from next year, if a new policy requiring that migrant workers earn at least £35000 to remain there, is passed.

Under the new policy, any overseas employee who is not earning the said amount after being there for six years will have to return to their home country.

The UK Home Office is pushing Parliament to pass the policy to help cut the number of non- Europeans and their dependants granted settlement each year from 60,000 to 20,000.

And this will apply to people wanting to remain permanently after more than five years working in the UK so those who do not qualify will be ordered to leave the UK after six years.

A Ghanaian living in London, Kwame Pecham tells Adom News’ Maame Esi Nyamekye Thompson that if the new policy materializes, “it will spell doom.

“…landlords have even been empowered to enquire from tenants if they have a right to stay or you pack out” he said.

Ghanaian High Commissioner to the UK, Victor Smith says the commission will not condone illegal activities by Ghanaians in case the bill is passed.

According to him, regularizing their stay as soon as possible will be their only salvation.