Chief Farmer Advises Against Ill Handling Of Cocoa

The Nsawam-Adoagyiri Municipal Chief Farmer in the Eastern Region has stated that cocoa beans that are not properly fermented and thoroughly dried up often develop a lot of defects.

Nana Kumi Abiesi II, also chief of Abiesikrom near Marfokrom, told the Ghana News Agency in an interview at Abiesikrom that the defects include shrinkage and weight loss.

He advised that if cocoa farmers attach importance to proper fermentation and drying of the beans before sending them to the societies (sheds) to sell, they would derive the benefits of their toil.

The 76-year-old Chief Farmer advised his colleagues to adhere to the guidelines given them by cocoa health and extension officials, to help check cheating by Purchasing Clerks (P/C).

He blamed some P/Cs from the Licensed Buying Companies for cheating farmers through the manipulation of their weighing scales at the various societies.

The Chief Farmer called on stakeholders, especially the Ghana Standards Authority, to help put in place mechanism aimed at assisting cocoa farmers to have their produce accurately weighed so as to avoid cheating.

Nana Abiesi said he was not happy that in most cases fuel for the gang’s motors, in respect of spraying and chemicals, were inadequate, saying the practice undermines productivity.

He said: “It is only proper to give back to cocoa farmers their fair share of the proceeds of their labour and toil.”

He said farming used to be a lucrative venture for people living in rural areas, but now the trend has changed.

Nana Abiesi said the motivation to help induce cocoa farmers to work hard to increase their yields and national productivity is not forthcoming.

He said apart from the bonuses, farmers need cutlasses and cocoa sacks to increase their periodic supply of torch lights and mosquito nets.

He appealed to Ghana Cocoa Board and other stakeholders to help reshape the feeder roads along Abiesi Junction, Obonso, Obonso ‘Y’ Junction and Tomkrom to avert the locking of huge cocoa products in the area, including food crops.

He called for the drilling of boreholes for Obuobi, Abiesi, Tomkrom, Obonso, Kofi Adjei, Akwa Yaw, Bad, Opaabea Akura and Ohene Kwasi.
The rest are Ntowkrom, Achease Number One, Achease Two, Betoda, Atiemokrom, Maamakrom, Anorbaa, Baafokrom, Aworeso, Zaano communities with more than 1,000 people.

He said: “We need a share of the national cake, and the boreholes will provide the people with potable water.”