Top Politicians To Die-Fetish Priest

The Head of Spiritual and Herbal Centre at Pokuase ACP Junction, Nana Dankwa has revealed that calamities are about to strike Ghana that could destabilize the peace enjoyed in the country before the end of 2015.

The spiritual man said as part of the disaster, the country would experience sudden death including the death of some top politicians and influential figures in the country and series of demonstrations could also plunge the country into chaos.

The fetish priest said the spiritual wind blowing towards the direction of Ghana carries some dangerous signs which require the prayers of Christians and Muslims as well as the traditional set to avert these calamities.

Speaking to the Daily Heritage in an interview at his Pokuase Centre, Nana Dankwa admonished Ghanaians to stand on their feet to intercede for the country, political leaders, the clergy, the business community and especially journalists.

He made this known when the paper visited him yesterday to find out the outcome of Mohammed Saddick, the man from Suhum who visited the juju man for money rituals and eventually became mad for failing to follow instructions.

Nana Dankwa said even though the family failed to provide all the demanded items, the gods have had pity on Saddick’s family and have forgiven them.

On the issue at hand, the spiritual man said there would be countless accidents and strange deaths involving politicians, journalists, pastors and some influential business men who command a significant share of the economy where many lives would be lost.

He said various political leaders and pressure groups should be advised to put a stop to incessant and unnecessary demonstrations in order to prevent any mayhem.

“The picture I saw was terrible, people were dressed in black and red clothes with wailing at the four corners of the country,” he revealed.

He said the only way Ghanaians can stop the disaster is to stand on their feet and intercede on behalf of the country through prayers.