Christians Must Adhere To The Teachings Of The Bible Amissah-Arthur

Vice President Kwesi Amissah-Arthur has called on Christians to observe in totality the timeless teachings of the bible.

He said people must not pick and choose a particular teaching that fit their specific prejudices.

Vice President Amissah-Arthur made the call at the Golden Jubilee Thanksgiving Service of the Bible Society of Ghana (BSG) in Accra.

The thanksgiving service, which was on the theme: “God’s transforming word: Life for all,” was attended by a large number of Christians from various denominations.

The BSG was established on September 18, 1965 as a non-profit, non-denominational Christian organisation to ensure the translation of the bible from the original languages into the major Ghanaian languages, as well as its widest effective distribution.

Vice President Amissah-Arthur said: “To ensure a peaceful co-existence in a nation composed of many people with different background and expectations, transformative role of the bible requires that we accept all its teachings as indispensable.”

He said every lesson, teaching and story in the bible is a mystery of the component of life and significant for universal application, adding: “We can be selective in what we consider important and ignore other essentials but inconvenient teachings.”

Vice President Amissah-Arthur also suggested that the lessons from the Holy book taken together could guarantee the change and adjustments that could bring progress to a nation.

He said at times to seek transformation by means of a written constitution are doomed to fail if it does not incorporate the teachings of the Bible.

He explained that many nations have tried to transform their economies by means of well researched constitutions that attempt to incorporate in it the culture, aspirations and ideas of many of its citizens.

He said because our constitutions are the products of fallible human beings, it cannot guarantee the enduring progress that the nation seeks.

Vice President Amissah-Arthur said though the country’s constitution carries the major aspirations of the people, however, there is the need for the leaders to develop a fair economy fully committed to social justice.

He said the essence for social justice is encouraged in the Bible, and the vision of the leadership is not to be selfish, oppressive or hypocritical, but to lift up those with the greatest need by possessing the minimum of resources.

Reverend Erasmus Odonkor, General Secretary of BSG, stated that the formation of the BSG has helped in the translation, publishing and wide distribution of bibles in the country.

He commended the churches and Christians in Ghana for the strong partnership and support to the ministry of the society in bringing the scriptures to every part of the country.

He gave the assurance that the staff and management of the BSG would rededicate themselves to the ministry of God’s word and work even more diligently in the years to come.