Security Capo Warns Let My Vote Count Alliance...

A former National Security Coordinator, Kofi Bentum Quantson has warned members of the pressure group, 'Let My Vote Count Alliance' (LMVCA) against taunting the police during their next advertised demonstration. 

According to him, the protesters must not dare the police by veering off the route that would be agreed by both parties to avoid the police once again coming hard on them, adding that if demonstrators are allowed to have their way unchecked, there will be chaos in the country.

The LMVCA has announced its intention to embark on another demonstration to back calls for a new voters register for the 2016, after last fortnight’s aborted protest march after police brutalized some demonstrators, as they tried to march to the offices of the Electoral Commission much against the directive of the police.

The group has stated that it is resolute on its decision to picket at the Electoral Commission Tuesday but the police have proceeded to court to secure an injunction against the demo; however the LMVCA is also in court to set the injunction aside.

Speaking on TV 3’s Hot Issues, the veteran security expert, Kofi Bentum Quantson said it would be in the interest of the state for both the police and the demonstrators to reach a consensus to ensure peace during and after the march.

“I think last year there was one demonstration that the police complained about because the demonstration veered off from their course. Some of them embarked on something like commando raids, one part goes here and another uses another route just to confuse the police, anyone who goes to demonstrate with such intention is creating trouble.

You don’t waive the red flag before a bull, no matter what or it will get excited. So people should demonstrate but they should conform to the rules of the game.