Parliament Reconvenes Tuesday

Parliament reconvenes today, Tuesday, October 27, for the Third Meeting of the Third Session of the Sixth Parliament of the Fourth Republic, after a three-month recess.

The long break afforded the legislators the opportunity to connect with their constituents and to evaluate their programmes and processes.

It also enabled them to engage the grassroots on what their respective political platforms were doing towards the major political season, which would boost the 2016 campaign for the general election

The third meeting, which is expected to last for about eight weeks, would see the House rigorously engaged in the deliberation of some 25 Bills that have been presented to the table office for presentation.

These include the Ghana School of Law Bill; Legal Service Bill; Road Safety Bill; Tax Administration Bill; and the Electronic Communication Bill.

There are, however, 13 Bills at the Committee levels being worked on. They include the Companies Bill, 2013; Petroleum (Exploration and Production) Bill; Whistleblower’s (Amendment) Bill, 2015; Ghana Aids Commission Bill; and the Public Procurement (Amendment) Bill.

High on the agenda for the sitting would be the reading of the 2016 Budget and the passing of the Appropriation Bill, which is expected to be characterised by spirited but partisan debate on the Government’s Economic Policy for next year.

Other issues expected to dominate discussions through the sittings are the issues of power and energy; and the management of the economy.

The lawmakers are also expected to move into their offices in the newly refurbished Job 600 during the sitting.

Another notable event is the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) Africa Region Conference that would be held from November 2, to November 6, 2015.

The conference would draw, to Accra, various Speakers, Presiding Officers and other high ranking parliamentary figures from (18) African countries.

The Gambia, which recently announced its intent to withdraw from the Commonwealth, would also be participating in the Conference.