Mugabe Refuses To Be ‘Indian’ (PHOTO)

African presidents attending the ongoing India-Africa Forum Summit were on Wednesday invited to wear the traditional Kurta Sherwani with a waist coat.

The traditional Indian attire was the dress code of a photo session of all leaders attending the summit.

But Zimbabwe’s strong man Robert Mugabe, a long known crusader of African values and culture, stuck to his grey European suit, shirt and tie.

All the other heads of state, including Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta, looked colourful in Kurta Sherwani in the photo session, except President Mugabe, who stood out oddly in the crowd.

No explanation was forthcoming from President Mugabe’s media team for the wardrobe choice.

This is the third India-Africa Forum Summit being held as India seeks to strengthen relations with the continent.

A total of 54 African nations are taking part in the summit being hosted by India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi.