We Are On Course To End 'Dumsor' By Close Of 2015 Power Minister

Power Minister, Dr. Kwabena Donkor has reaffirmed his assurance that the current load management will end by the close of year.
He said government’s ability to undertake major infrastructure works to facilitate the production of power is an indication of saving the country’s reeling power sector.

Dr. Donkor was speaking at a sod cutting ceremony of a Ghanaian-owned power distribution firm, Enclave Power Company on Friday.

“The units of the AMERI energy project have landed on our shores, civil works are ongoing quite close to completion and we expect that before the end of the year, that should also be working. All things being equal, we believe we are on schedule, but we cannot be 100 percent certain, but in terms of our planning, in terms of equipment availability, we should be in a position to pronounce load shedding over by the end of the year as planned,” Mr. Donkor said.

The sod cutting ceremony will enable Enclave Power Company establish a 396 MVA substation which will see it extend generation and distribution of electricity.

The company however continues to meet the electricity energy needs of Operators/Organisations in the Tema Free Zone Enclave. It also extends quality and reliable power distribution services to customers in the Dangbe West District through a franchise agreement with E.C.G.

The assurance by the Minister however comes after three missed deadlines regarding the arrival of the first of two power barges expected to produce 225 Megawatts (MW) of power.

Dr. Donkor has also given indication that he will resign if the power situation does not stabilize by the end of 2015.

But the Deputy Minority Leader, Dominic Nitiwul, has cast doubt over government’s ability to solve the country’s current power crisis by end of year.

Mr. Nitiwul is thus urging Dr. Donkor to retract his assurances because he is likely not to meet the deadline.

“I believe the Power Minister has regretted that statement because he knows clearly that ‘dumsor’ will not end by December, not even what he talks of the barges arriving in November. The President thinks Kwabena Donkor is the main person to solve the problem, but there is nothing wrong apologizing because he (Kwabena Donkor)didn’t create that problem because it has gotten out of hands. It is clear that the statement was made out of nowhere and that he didn’t know the problem is bigger than what he is thinking” Mr. Nitiwul stated.

He added, “If we have to solve ‘dumsor’ totally, we have to do more than we are doing now” he added.