BEIGE Capital Makes Significant Gains in 3rd Quarter

BEIGE Capital has yet again achieved an impressive set of results for the quarter ending September 2015. This was disclosed at the bank’s performance review meeting held for the quarter ending September 2015. All branches of the bank and functional teams were evaluated, during the event, on their performance as measured against the budget for the period. The bank posted GH¢8.5 million as profit before tax(PBT) for the quarter alone, whiles the year-to-date position stood at GH¢12.3 million. This compared favorably to the amount of GH¢9million that was budgeted for the period under review. Total assets stood at GH¢754million, a rise of approximately 9% above the previous quarter’s position of GHc695million. Net loans and advances stood at GH¢343million, being 45% of total assets. Liquid and short term investments stood at GH¢213million, representing 28% of total assets. Shareholders’ funds at the end of the quarter stood at GH¢140million. Again, this marginally exceeded the bank’s originally budgeted figure of GH¢138million. In his report, the Chief Finance Officer mentioned that strict adherence to budgetary controls throughout the year have resulted in significant savings on operational expenditure and these are impacting positively on the bank’s bottom line. The Ghanaian-owned bank, which is gradually extending its footprints in the industry, said the results were achieved through a mix of carefully and strictly implemented strategies that included; minimizing operating expenses, investing in quality assets only and diversifying the source of its deposits. CEO, Mr. Mike Nyinaku, addressed management in an elated mood saying, “The bank’s results have improved continuously and consistently every successive quarter of this year. Most of the milestones we put before us for 2015 are gradually being realized in spite of the difficult economic conditions facing us, the banking industry and the country at large. These results altogether, put us in a good position for the kind of business we intend to undertake come 2016.” He added that, “The pace may be slow but we’re growing every quarter and that is what matters. The bottom line is progress!” He responded to multiple questions about the bank’s exposure to the fluctuating currency market. Mr. Nyinaku remarked that, “Every situation presented by indicators in the economy, whether positive or negative, also presents other opportunities. Just analyze this; if the currency market makes the oil and gas industry loose price, investors look for other avenues to invest their monies. At least in the short term, they can invest in our Fixed Income Products, which offer very competitive rates.” Mr. Nyinaku concluded that, “For the remainder of the year, we will manage our exposures to ensure that we post a set of healthy results which will be the platform upon which we shall drive our agenda for 2016. Whiles perfecting our internal procedures, we are also actively seeking equity partnership from interested investors as we consider moving up the Tier”. Since inception in 2008, BEIGE Capital has seen consistent growth both in the size and scope of its operations. BEIGE Capital has business offices in several parts of the country and employs about 700 people.