Young Professional Accountants Network Ghana inaugurated

The Young Professional Accountants Network (YPAN), Ghana has officially been launched in Accra, to bring young accountants under one umbrella to impact on the economy and the society as a whole.

According to YPAN accounting plays a significant role in every economic growth, and so, there is the need for accountants to use the knowledge acquired to transform not only their various organisations, but the economy as well.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr Oheneba Kwabena Kena, Founding Chairman of YPAN noted that there are young talented accountants across the country that have strong desires to make an impact in the economy with their knowledge, however in one way or the other opportunities for them are not available.

He said in 2014 YPAN conducted a survey on the public perception about accountants; and the first group stated that “accountants are debit and credit masters”.

Responding to these findings, the Founding Chairman added: “Accountants in the 21st century are not just debit and credit master; they have to be the business leaders and strategy drivers.”

Mr Kena said among YPAN’s flagship programmes are the Young Accountants Conference, Young Accountants Mentorship Sessions and Young Accountants Dialogue; where all accountants come together to digest and scrutinise the budget, share ideas on the socio- economic issues.

Mr Sydney Casely Hayford, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Africa Media Service, also noted that as chartered accountants especially in Ghana face a lot of challenges, but young accountants should gather courage to stay through the profession and be an integral part of the society.

Mr Hayford advised accountants to avoid temptation in any small way adding: “If you cut someone a cheque ahead of time and they feel like rewarding you; make it very clear to them that you did what you did out of your own efficiency, competence and integrity.”

The CEO who doubled as the Guest Speaker for the occasion explained that there is nothing wrong with receiving gifts from clients as means of showing appreciation, “however it should be clearly pointed out to them that the gift would not influence you”.

Mr Patrick Nana Kena, Chairman of Advisory Committee, YPAN said Ghana is in an era where the society should have a new focus, a focus that could transform and let the Ghana’s economy have an astronomical growth; economically , financially and morally.

He explained YPAN therefore considers the importance of having a new crop of accountants that would be able to steer the affairs of the country, in every facet of the economy.

“We need accountants who are of much confidence, bold, disciplined, have integrity and are trust worthy,” he said.

The event which was launched on the theme: “The Role of the Accountant in the Economy.”

YPAN is a non- profit and non-partisan organisation established to raise young accountants to be business leaders impacting positively on the society and economy as a whole. The idea is to bring, connect and inspire accountants.

The network provides platforms for accountants to share ideas to bring transformation to the various sectors of the economy, provide networking opportunities, mentorship sessions and professional development.