(Video) “I Need No Cash From Gyan, All I Want Is Justice”- Sarah’s Mother

Mrs. Theodora Kwablah, mother of twenty-two (22) year old Sarah Kwabla, who is making strong allegations against Black star captain and china based player, Asamoah Gyan, for raping and sodomising her, is crying out to the minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection Nana Oye Lithur  and the Ghana police authority to seek justice for daughter.

Mrs Kwabla speaking to Sokoo Hemaa on ATV’s Anigyekrom show said, her daughter is not a gold digger or an opportunist as perceived by a some Ghanaians but all she need is justice

"This is very painful and a hard time for my daughter and family. I don't see why the police are only taking interest in some extortion case in this matter but are refusing to deal with the main issue at hand.

We are aware that some orders are coming from above within the police service to cover up the case which is very bad because if you are poor, what it means is that you can’t get justice in this country.  

Asamoah Gyan is not bigger than the late Michael Jackson or former U.S president Bill Clinton who were charged with similar issues so I don't know why the Ghana police can't invite or arrest him to at least give us his statement on the rape allegations my daughter is leveling against him.

We were all in this country when Interpol came all the way from U.K to pick Deeba up for a similar allegation so why is our case different?

If Asamoah thinks he can buy some media and police to fabricate stories or make the whole case look like my daughter is some opportunist or a gold digger then he will be lying to himself because i will do everything in my ability as a woman and a mother to make sure Ghanaians know the real truth and also get justice for my daughter and family" she said.