Deputy Minority leader to spend more on women and children.

Mr. Ambrose Dery, Deputy Minority Leader in Parliament, on Wednesday said he would spend a significant chunk of his share of the common fund on women and children who constitute the most vulnerable in society. He said while women in most parts of the constituency were hard working, but had no financial support to undertake income generating activities, most of the children were also not able to get basic education either through neglect or poverty. Mr. Dery who was speaking in an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in Accra, said he had already spent 8,030 Ghana Cedis on the fees of 22 students of Jirapa Nurses’ Training College, and also paid for health cards of 610 mothers in 12 communities of the Lawra/Nandom constituency at the cost of 305 Ghana Cedis. He said he was carrying out feasibility studies in his constituency to find out the challenges facing various groups in the community, and would soon develop a strategy to support needy students to realize their potentials in society. “There are a lot of children out there who need just a little push to realize their potentials, but the lack of support has put them in their current state”, he noted. The MP said in most situations women were contributing substantially towards the upkeep of their families, and that it was only fair that such people were supported to generate more income to support their husbands. He appealed to parents to invest in the education of their children by providing all their needs in order to make them useful citizens in future. The Deputy Minority leader also appealed to all students to work hard to justify the huge expenditure invested on them, by studying hard and abiding by school rules and regulations.