TB Joshua’s Daughter Called To The Bar

Serah Oyindamola Joshua, the first daughter of famous Nigerian Pastor T.B. Joshua, was one of the 3,277 who were called to the Bar on December 15th and 16th, having successfully completed the September 2015 Bar Final Examinations at the Nigerian Law School.

In an exclusive interview with The Guardian, Serah revealed that she will also be called to the bar in New York in January, having passed final examinations in November.

 “I’m grateful to God, my family and friends, who have been of help to me.  I am humbled and privileged to have succeeded. I am very happy,” Serah told The Guardian.

“I am privileged and fortunate to be the daughter of such a humble and great man of God called TB Joshua. He is someone I look up to because my father is a man of God and he has been able to guide me every time I need him.  I am too happy, so humbled to be his daughter.  He has been a good guide. Thus, I can’t afford to disappoint him and God, because to whom much is given, much is expected.”

How does she react to comments about her father? She says, “He is a true example of humility.  I have seen so many character traits in him that are worthy to emulate. As a father, he is the best father anybody can pray to have. I am not just saying that because he is my father; this is just the truth. Also, it’s not what I think about him or what people think about him that counts but what God says about him.”

She adds, “That’s why I said he is a true man of God and it’s not what people say that counts but what God says.  Everybody has the right to air his or her opinion but God’s opinion counts most.”

What was his reaction to her success story? “He was very happy and proud of me. I am always happy whenever he is proud of me.  He has given me so much and I feel I have a lot to offer and can’t afford to disappoint him.”

Was there any special gift or words of encouragement he gave her as a child? “Life is an experience,” she exclaims.  “I know my dad and he is a living example of how to be humble and devoted to God.”

The name TB Joshua has opened doors for her but not as many would think. “When people know that I am his daughter, they are always surprised and that spurs me on to work harder and achieve what I want. To every glory is a story to tell.” She adds, “He is the best dad I could ever wish for. I am so grateful to God.”

On how her friends relate to her and whether they expect her to introduce them to him for prayers, she has this to say: “Yes, many are surprised, and some even want me to introduce them to him for prayers.”

What’s next for Serah? “I will also be called to bar in New York in January.  I passed the final examinations in November and I’m getting set for the January date in New York Supreme Court.”

Challenges growing up? The young lady, who attended Ronik International School, Ejigbo, Lagos State, and later, the London School of Economic (LSE), where she did her law degree before earning a master’s in New York University (NYU) Law School, explains, “We all have challenges, but with what my father has taught me, I see challenges as stepping stone to greater heights. Also, challenges are not personal because God is involved in seeing you through.  Every stumbling block is a lesson to move higher in life.”

Is she her daddy or mummy’s pet? She expresses surprises, saying, “I am daddy’s pet, because I admire him a lot and the best is yet to come.”

Her younger sister, Promise Joshua, who attended the occasion in Abuja, Nigeria, added: “By God’s grace, we are following his (T.B. Joshua’s) path and seeing results. My sister, who is just 22, and her ability to have combined the New York and Nigerian bar exams is a testimony to the disciplined upbringing our father gave us. She has been a role model and I am following her footsteps.” Promise is currently studying Politics and International Relations at the London School of Economics (LSE).