PPP Has No Office In N/Region; Executives Meet In Hotels

The Electoral Commission’s (EC) resolve to bar political parties without offices nationwide from participating in elections, could affect the Progressive Peoples Party (PPP), which has no office in the Northern Region.

A group calling itself the Northern Regional Constituency Executives Caucus of the party in the region has expressed worry about the situation.

The group’s Secretary, Abraham Ackah, in a Citi News interview lamented the PPP was not visible in the region.

“It is very sad to know that the third largest political party and the second largest opposition party in the country, the Northern Regional branch has no regional office. Surprisingly, whenever national executives visit the party at the regional level, they are normally hosted in hotels at an extra cost to the party.”

Abraham Ackah emphasized that “it is evident that among Ghana’s political parties, Progressive Peoples Party is the party which has quality mission and vision for Ghanaians, but the party itself in the Northern Region lacks the needed quality performance.”

“At the centre of performance by the constituency executives, is the issue of inadequate executive motivation, low participation and poor conditions of the organization which hinder our executives from delivering quality message to the youth across the region,” he lamented.

Abraham Ackah, who fell short of mentioning name, claimed that one of the PPP’s Northern Regional Executives has hijacked the party and is operating it as his private property.

“The party seems to have been hijacked by a single executive member. The decisions of this autocratic individual become binding on all other executives and this is because the national executives including the founder and flagbearer believe in him so much that anything anyone else says is referred to this same autocratic executive.”

Abraham Ackah complained about the misuse of party property for selfish gains.

“The party’s Nissan pickup truck which was bought purposely for party activities is used for social activities such as naming ceremonies, marriage and funerals, and this is because there is no party office where it can be parked for its usage to be controlled.”

He admonished the PPP’s founder, Dr. Paa Kwesi Ndoum to pay attention to the Northern Region.

The PPP was formed by entrepreneur cum politician, Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom, ahead of elections in 2012, after he broke away from the Convention Peoples Party (CPP).