PPP N/R Accuses Nduom

A PPP quasi group calling itself Northern Regional Constituency Executive Caucus is accusing the flagbearer,Dr. Paa Kwasi Nduom and the National leaders of the party of being the reason for the poor performance of the party in the region.

The group in a press release numerated a myriad of challenges they face but said the leadership has been indifferent and uncooperative.

The group described as sad that a party viewed by many as the third largest political party and the second largest opposition in country have no party office in the region.

Secretary of the group Abraham Ackah said "It is evident that among Ghana's Political Parties, PPP is the party which has quality mission and vision for Ghanaians but...

They also bemoaned on lack of cohesion and interference among executives in the region which they blamed on the founder and leader of the party, stating that the party have been hijacked by an individual executive whose "autocratic decisions" are easily accepted by the founder without any consultation.

Mr Ackah reading the statement mentioned lack of flow of information through party structure and lack of monitoring on the part of the Regional executives.

According to them several attempts to get any of the regional executives to any of their foot soldier meetings proved futile.

They believed that such attitude breaks the morale of the constituency executives and discourages the foot-soldiers

Numerating further, the group cited again misuse of party properties explaining that the party Nissan pickup truck which was brought purposely for party activities have become 'sunnah', 'ameria' and funeral pickup

They ended by urging the founder and flagbearer and the National executives to be up and doing to overseer whatever goes at the regional level to ensure that party structures work